Opened in 2008 Alcarrás is one of Spain’s newest race tracks situated near Lleida in the North East of the country around 170km from the historic city of Barcelona. Alcarrás is a well-known motorcycle racing circuit and hosts many motorcycle track days. Even in the cooler months temperatures rarely fall below 17 degrees Celsius while rainfall is all but at a minimum across the entire year.

Although a challenging layout, the circuit’s generous run-off areas and excellent level of grip levels, the circuit is popular with amateur riders as well as seasoned professionals.

The excellent paddock area offers 18 large pit garages all have shower facilities, toilet, timing monitors and free WiFi.

If you have a love and passion for riding and racing motorcycles, Alcarrás is the perfect circuit offering a balance of challenging corners, exhilarating straights and superb, deep apexes that will see your lap times improve with every rotation of this incredible track.

PacedayZ Trackday Alcarras

Track Details

If you are new to track days there is no better circuit to cut your teeth on than Alcarras. It is a wonderful track with an excellent surface and huge run-offs and great facilities. Here's the tale of the track...

  • Track Length : 3,743 meters
  • Finish Line Straight Length : 800 meters
  • Width of Track : 13 - 15 meters
  • Number of Curves : 14 (4 right / 10 left)
  • Maximum Slope/Incline : -9%
  • Pit Boxes : 30
  • Pit Services : Power / Timing / Water / Air / WiFi
  • Spectator Zone : Yes
  • Restaurant : Licensed Restaurant
  • Amenities : Toilets, Showers & Swimming Pool
  • Track Telephone : +34 973 29 66 17
  • Track Website :

Adrenaline Fueled

Want an adrenaline fueled rush - then click the video below but take our advice and find something to hold on tight to... here is Alcarras!

Alcarras Gallery

We have loads of photos that we take at every one of our Track Meets and we like to put them up on the site for you to enjoy! Here are just a few to give you a taster of this amazing track!

What our customers say about Alcarras...

“Just returned from Alcarras with PacedayZ. Absolutely brilliant these guys know how to run track days! Just one briefing on the first morning followed by 3 sighting laps and that was it, no necessary stuff everything was done to give you maximum amount of track day time! Instructors were on hand should you need them and were always approachable - no arrogance just good sound advice. Hotel was clean and tidy with good spa facilities and staff were friendly. All in all a great time run rings around another companies I've been with… will definitely be back next year!”


PacedayZ Customer

Alcarras Race Circuit

“I had a fantastic time at Alcarras with PacedayZ. There was a brilliant friendly atmosphere, which is sadly missing from some events nowadays. The event was very well organised with Craig and his team being more than helpful. I can't speak highly enough of them and have already booked myself up for Cartagena with PacedayZ.”


PacedayZ Customer

Alcarras Race Circuit

“First euro trackday with Pacedayz and I’m well impressed. Great track (Alcarras), great hotel, well organised and all the team were very friendly and helpful. Sensible number of riders in all the groups making for a safe and enjoyable time. Also got some instruction from Craig which was really good, was made up to be 3 seconds under my target time! Would definitely book with PacedayZ again.”


PacedayZ Customer

Alcarras Race Circuit

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