Situated in Southern Spain, Circuito de Cartagena is a fabulous circuit that will delight and frustrate riders in equal measure! It is a vast twisting track with both challenging and technical back-to-back corners and only one straight that will highlight any weaknesses in your riding technique for sure!

However as you start to get a feel for this track, you will get a huge feeling of satisfaction as you start to clip those apexes, smoothly transitioning from curve to curve… getting even a couple of corners bang on is an absolute win!

You will find the track surface nice and grippy with just the right amount of abrasion to get the tires to temperature helping you to transition the curves with confidence. With the brilliant sunshine and warm weather of Southern Spain, track temperature are not only good for the grip… it is good for the soul too and we guarantee big smiles every time you enter the pit lane!

It has to be said, Cartagena is one of our most favourite tracks that has produced so many fantastic memories… too many to list here but there will be plenty of experiences both old and new to enjoy as we hang up our leathers and enjoy a cold beer or two together in the evenings!

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Circuito de Cartagena
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Noise Limit:
102 dB
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Track Details

Definitely one of our favourite bike tracks, the Cartagena Circuit in Murcia Spain is challenging and frustrating but so rewarding when you get a clean lap you will feel like Valentino Rossi! Here's the tale of the track...

  • Track Length : 3,506.02 meters
  • Finish Line Straight Length : 610 meters
  • Width of Track : 10 - 12 meters
  • Number of Curves : 18
  • Maximum Slope/Incline : 8.92%
  • Pit Boxes : 30 -19 @ 66m2 / 11 @ 42m2
  • Pit Services : 32 Amp Power / TV Outlets / Water / Air / WiFi
  • Spectator Zone : Yes - Pits up to Turn 2
  • Medical : Full Primary Care / Ambulance / ICU
  • Restaurant : Traditional Spanish & International Food
  • Store : On-Site Merchandise Store
  • Amenities : Excellent Toilets & Showers
  • Track Telephone : 34 968 315 645
  • Track Website :

Adrenaline Fueled

Want an adrenaline fueled rush - then click the video below but take our advice and find something to hold on tight to... here is Cartagena!

Cartagena Gallery

We have loads of photos that we take at every one of our Track Meets and we like to put them up on the site for you to enjoy! Here are just a few to give you a taster of this amazing track!

What our customers say about Cartagena...

"First time I've used Pacedayz and definitely not the last! A really friendly organised track day at Cartagena over the 3 days and everyone was welcoming and willing to help out should the need arise. They seem to attract the right people on track and the track etiquette was spot on throughout. Loads and loads of track time on a excellent track and not once did I think there was too many people on the circuit. Top job from start to finish!"

Gary Burrell

PacedayZ Customer

Cartagena Race Circuit

"As this being my first track day abroad I haven't anything to compare it to, but I fail to see how it could have been any better? Both my wife and I enjoyed ourselves immensely. I thought you and your team ran the event brilliantly and I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere. We are looking forward to the Cartagena event and catching up the people we met. One again a big thank you to you and your team!"

Rayner Clarke

PacedayZ Customer

Cartagena Race Circuit

“Absolutely mega! Enjoyed so, so much, I didn't want to come home! First time at Cartagena so lots to get your head round as it’s a really technical track but the level of instruction I received from Stu, Craig and Dave was just amazing, thank you so much guys! I was just starting to get the hang of it by the end! I would go back tomorrow if I could as I absolutely love that track! Thanks to the whole PacedayZ team for all your hard work in organising such a well-run event, you couldn't have been more helpful, I'm sure we'll be joining you on another trip!”

Siobhan Flynn

PacedayZ Customer

Cartagena Race Circuit

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