Insurance Details

We obviously want your trackday adventure to run as smoothly as possible and we know you never want to think of accidents or heaven forbid injury, but unfortunately we must.

Therefore you MUST have Repatriation Insurance which includes cover for non-competitive Motor Sports - please check your policy to ensure you have the correct cover. NB: Your standard motorcycle insurance is highly unlikely to offer anywhere near the service you need!

Proof of your insurance as well as your Driving Licence MUST be presented at the point of Registration otherwise you will not be allowed to ride.  Please also ensure you have a copy of your insurance, Driving Licence AND Passport in your track bag at the circuit - again without these documents you will be unable to ride.

There are many companies that offer repatriation insurance for non-competitive motorsport as well as companies that specifically cater for track day experiences. We DO NOT partner with ANY insurance companies so please do your own homework! However here are a few names to get you started:

Assure Ton Sport
Motorcycle Voyager
Properly Protected

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