Gear & Apparel

Every booking will receive an exclusive PacedayZ T-shirt to wear while at your track day event so please make sure you let us know your size to avoid disappointment.

You can either wear this at the trackside or wait until the evening... the latter is a great way for others to know you are part of the group and to start up a conversation! You never know who you might meet and the contacts you might make so if you want our advice, hold it back for at least the first evening while you make friends! However if you are going to wear it during the day... take advantage of the hotels laundry service!

We are also planning to have other gear on sale for you as a memento of your trip, from insulated tinny holders to coffee cups, caps to keyrings... grab yourself some exclusive PacedayZ gear and mark yourself out as a PacedayZ customer and part of a very exclusive group!

PacedayZ Apparel

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