On Track Tuition

We have some amazing instructors from British Superbike and MotoGP paddock to give you some of the best on-track tuition you could ever wish for.

PacedayZ guarantees some of the smallest rider groups you could ever expect to see on a Trackday and we offer one-to-one tuition with our racing pros.

There is a lot more to it than just a 'twist of the wrist' - our expert Instructors will help you to learn and understand:

To name but a few of the techniques, tips and tricks our guests have picked up over the years from our experts. Our instructors will be out in each group so don't be surprised if they approach you at the end of a session to offer you some tips if they think it will help you.

We always send out the 'Experienced' group out first so we can offer longer briefings Novice Group.

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