Our Team!

PaceDayZ is owned and operated by Ex British Superbike Rider, Craig Fitzpatrick. Being a rider himself he understands exactly what a rider wants to experience on the track and this is what makes PacedayZ like no other company.

He wants every rider on the track to experience 'quality time' and this means making sure the events are not over-saturated liker many other organisers and instead our group's experience fewer riders on the track at a time plus more one-to-one tuition making it safer and a lot more fun... which is what its all about!

PacedayZ is lucky enough to have a great team of people to make your track day experience a great trip of a lifetime… although we always hope you will join us again so maybe that should read ‘a lifetime of great trips’!?!?

Here are the people that will be looking after you from your first point of contact and beyond…

PacedayZ Team

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