Bike Transport

Bike transport will be from our Location in Alfreton Derbyshire – unfortunately we are unable to collect from personal addresses no matter how close by, sorry. We do offer a more Southerly loading point in Thatcham, Berkshire but unfortunately this is not available for every event so please contact us for details.

Transportation is with our trusted shipping company who we have used for many years. Our drivers are bike owners themselves and appreciate how important your bike is.

Everything is fully insured while in transit and transportation to the track is included in your Booking Fee.

Bike Stillage's provides room for your 2 bikes as well as a set of Spare Tyres, Front and Rear Paddock Stands, Tyre Warmers and personal Kit (Boot’s, Leathers, Helmet etc). There is also enough room for a small Tool Kit/Spares Bag, however we recommend rather than bringing your entire toolbox, just bring your essential kit and break it down into smaller bags or preferably Tool Rolls as these can fit into the Stillage much easier. NB: Please DO NOT bring fuel cans… even empty cans are not allowed on the truck so please do not bring them - fuel will be available at the track!

If you do decide to take extra Wheels or more than one set of Tyres, charges may apply if they do not fit safely into the Stillage Cradles although costs are pretty reasonable at around £20 per wheel.

Your bike and kit will be delivered direct to the circuit ready for your arrival on the first morning at the track, all you need to do is unload and you are ready!

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