Question I am a novice and not done many/any trackdays before!

We at PacedayZ know all about how nervous people can be booking their first or 2nd track day... Don't be. 
We will do everything we can to ensure your trip with us is a memorable one and that you would come back with us for more.

On our trips we have some really good 1-2-1 instructors like Michael Laverty, Dan Linfoot and Craig Fitzpatrick to sit down with you and go through everything about your riding, safety and track craft in general!
We will start the day off with a separate briefing to the other 2 groups which will be a lot more focused on the basics of track riding.
Once we have finished with the briefing side of things, we will then get geared up for getting you out on track! 
Your first session out there will be with 2-3 instructors for the full duration of that session, this will ensure that you are fully happy and you know where the track goes!
After your first session, we can then sit down with you and go through any questions you may have, once you've stopped buzzing from your first session out on track :)
Then throughout the day we can work on all aspects of your riding!
Then by the end of the 3 days you will be up there in the advanced group showing them how it's done :)    

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