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Sport Performance Consulting

Sport Performance Consulting

Motor sport is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding; current sport science methods provide mechanisms for riders to cope with these demands in a safe, enjoyable, and efficient manner.
Fergus Mumford MSc is a sport performance consultant. He assists athletes of all abilities by using current sport science techniques and strategies from physiology/fitness, sports nutrition and performance psychology disciplines.

With an aim to help improve performance, Fergus advises riders on eliminating problem areas and gaining a competitive edge through the use of psychological skills. Common factors affecting performance on track can include: low self-confidence and motivation, fear of failure/crashing/injury, muscular tension, lack of concentration and focus, negative thoughts and anxiety, and pressure to perform. A change in the way we think can change the way we feel, behave, and then perform. Optimised performance and enhanced safety can be achieved through psychological skills such as:
  • Relaxation and anxiety reduction
  • Concentration and attentional focus
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Imagery and visualisation
  • Advanced goal-setting
  • Motivation
Sport psychology and its application in motor sport is Fergus' specialist area. He currently works within the BSB paddock and is also a consultant to the Motor Sport Association Academy as part of his work on the AASE programme at Loughborough College. His work is complemented with testimonials from British and World champions in their respective sports.

Fergus will be working in conjunction with the Pacedayz team and is available to consult both in and out of the paddock, through face to face meetings and distance consultation. He offers a flexible but professional approach to consultations. His work is fully insured, and is conducted under strict confidentiality and ethical guidelines in line with the BASES Code of Conduct.

If you feel that you or your team would like to know more about improving and optimising your performance or would like to book an appointment please get in touch.

Fergus Mumford BSc (Hons), MSc
BASES Sport & Exercise Scientist (prov)

Email: fergus@sportpc.co.uk
Mobile: 07870608881
Twitter: twitter.com/#!/FergusM_SportPC
Facebook: www.facebook.com/SportPerformanceConsulting
British Association of Sport and Exercise Science: www.bases.org.uk


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